LED Quicksand Painting Hourglass Art

White Moon-Green
White Moon-Black
White Moon-Blue
White Moon-Red
White Moon-Purple
Black Moon-Green
Black Moon-Black
Black Moon-Blue
Black Moon-Red
Black Moon-Purple
White round-Green
White round-Black
White round-Blue
White round-Red
White round-Purple
Black round-Green
Black round-Black
Black round-Blue
Black round-Red
Black round-Purple
White spin-Green
White spin-Black
White spin-Blue
White spin-Red
White spin-Purple
Black spin-Green
Black spin-Black
Black spin-Blue
Black spin-Red
Black spin-Purple

[Key type] The button controls the switch of the light; the three light colors can be switched, and the brightness cannot be adjusted.

[Remote control mode] The remote control and buttons control the light switch; switch the light color and adjust the brigness.

Note: The plug of this product is a Chinese plug. After placing the order, a conversion plug will be configured according to your country. For the remote control model, you need to bring your own 2 AAA batteries.

The button type can switch three levels to adjust the brightness, the first level is 25%, the second level is 50%, and the third level is 100%.

Power switch: button type, remote control type (self-provided 2 AAA batteries)Warmly reveal: The remote control is Chinese.

Reminder: Only the semi-circular rotating style of this product can be rotated 360 degrees, other styles cannot.

Package list: 1*LED quicksand painting, 1*remote control, 1*conversion plug. Syringe and battery are not included (cause of export restrictions)


  • Brand Name: None
  • Material: glass
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • category: LDE quicksand ornaments
  • Scope of application: indoor
  • size: 250*240mm
  • control: remote control
  • Voltage: ≤36V

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